Only 4 months to go until SSL is required

  • 18th April 2018
Only 4 months to go until SSL is required. Google's new age of Secure Internet is set to take another giant leap forward this coming July with the launch of Chrome 68. For the past several years, Google has been increasingly advocating the use of HTTPS by gradually introducing not secure warnings to more and more HTTP pages. But soon, with the ...
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Google chrome security changes

  • 30th October 2017
Google chrome security changes Your site may be labeled "Not Secure". See how to avoid it. What visitors see accessing your website will change this October. People using a Google Chrome browser in "Incognito" mode will get a security warning for every site they visit that isn't protected with an SSL Certificate. And any site that collects user ...
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Announcing our new Dedicated Hosting Platform

  • 4th July 2017
Announcing our new Dedicated Hosting Platform. We are very excited to announce our new Dedicated Hosting Platform with high performance options including up to 16 CPU threads, 32GB Memory and 1 TB SSD Storage. HOSTKET has amped up their Dedicated Platform to meet the increasing demands of doing business online. With Dedicated Server options that ...
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BREAKING NEWS: Google Security Changes

  • 15th November 2016
BREAKING NEWS: Google Security Changes! Avoid getting labeled as unsecure by Google - Add an SSL to your website.Beginning in January 2017, Google Chrome will consider your website as "not secure" if you collect passwords or credit card info but don't have an SSL installed. An SSL not only encrypts credit card data, personal information, and ...
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