Protect against Viruses

To protect your computer and network from Ransomware, please be recommended as follows:   ✅  Never open email attachments or links from an unknown sender or suspicious email.   ✅  Back up files as often as possible and please do not connect the backup system to your network all the time to prevent infected malware/virus.   ✅  ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2020
Existing Customer Promotion!

This Black Friday we have decided to reward our existing customers with a huge 20% promotion. From now until November 30th, 2019 we will be adding 20% to any credit balance added to your account. Do you have a web hosting, domain renewal? This is a fantastic offer and easy way to save 20%. HOW TO ADD FUNDS TO YOUR ACCOUNT   -  Login to your ... Read More »

22nd Nov 2019
Find Your PREMIUM Domain Name

Everything begins with the perfect domain name. Not only is it how your customers are best able to find you, but also allows you to present your brand in the best light.

Find the perfect web address here.

25th Jun 2019
Make your Website Secure

Regardless of the type of website, major browsers will soon start showing negative security indicators for sites that don't use SSL. This year, Google, Mozilla, and other internet companies have embarked on a mission to make insecure HTTP a thing of the past. Major browsers have begun actively telling users that HTTP is not secure and with every ... Read More »

7th Jun 2019
Google enables Site Isolation in Chrome

Google recently enabled a new security feature in Chrome to secure the users from malicious attacks like Spectre. Called Site Isolation, the new feature is available with Chrome 67 on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS. The multi-process architecture of Chrome allows different tabs to use different renderer processes. What Site Isolation does is ... Read More »

18th Jul 2018
Only 4 months to go until SSL is required

Google's new age of Secure Internet is set to take another giant leap forward this coming July with the launch of Chrome 68. For the past several years, Google has been increasingly advocating the use of HTTPS by gradually introducing not secure warnings to more and more HTTP pages. But soon, with the release of Chrome 68 due out on July 1st, ... Read More »

18th Apr 2018
Google Chrome Security Changes

Your site may be labeled "Not Secure". See how to avoid it. What visitors see accessing your website will change this October. People using a Google Chrome browser in "Incognito" mode will get a security warning for every site they visit that isn't protected with an SSL Certificate. And any site that collects user information, whether in ... Read More »

30th Oct 2017
Announcing Our New Dedicated Hosting Platform

We are very excited to announce our new Dedicated Hosting Platform with high performance options including up to 16 CPU threads, 32GB Memory and 1 TB SSD Storage. HOSTKET has amped up their Dedicated Platform to meet the increasing demands of doing business online. With Dedicated Server options that literally double both the processing power and ... Read More »

4th Jul 2017
BREAKING NEWS: Google Security Changes

Avoid Getting Labeled As Unsecure By Google - Add An SSL to Your Website.Beginning in January 2017, Google Chrome will consider your website as "not secure" if you collect passwords or credit card info but don't have an SSL installed. An SSL not only encrypts credit card data, personal information, and passwords, but also displays a lock icon and ... Read More »

15th Nov 2016
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9th Sep 2016